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About us

Brand story

Why settle for less?

Only women know the pain of finding the ‘best’ bra, bras are either comfortable yet not easy on the eye, getting the job done but you wouldn’t want anyone to see you in it, or, bras that are pretty and functional but don’t fit well, at the end day, you won’t wear it. 

We believe lingerie currently sold in Asia does not fully cater to the needs of women, plus lack of correct education and lots of distraction from traditional bra companies and media, most women are not choosing the best bra for themselves, because the best bra should fulfill all 3 essential needs - comfort, style and functionality 

We create stylish and comfortable bras

We own and operate a lingerie manufacturer and have been designing and producing bras for more than 40 years for major European brands, we are experts, you are in good hands. We have the expertise to create beautiful and stylish bras that also are comfortable. Here are some of the brands that we’ve been working with: Agent Provocatuer, Amoena, Ann Summers, Beldona, Bon Marche, Boux Avenue, Etam, Lingadore, Women ‘Secret, Provea, Marc O’Polo, Schiesser, Susa and more. 

European design and quality with Asian fit at an affordable price

We manufacture for many major European lingerie brands, of course we know the costs. European brands are sold very expensive not just because the quality and design are top-notch, but also because a significant amount of money is spent on marketing and advertising. We believe good products will sell itself, we prefer to put our resources and efforts to developing the best product for you and selling at an affordable price, not marketing, 


Enabling you to understand what you need is the best way to serve your needs. In order to assist you find your best-fit bra, with in-depth qualitative and quantitative research and analysis we have developed a precise yet comprehensive quiz to guide you through the correct process of making the best (not the ‘right’*) decision. Also, your home is your dressing room, after products are delivered to your doorstep, you have a 7-day period to try them on and make sure you really like it. Still not satisfied? We are here to help and make sure you are totally satisfied, let us know what’s bothering you, return it and we shall exchange you with another one. 

*Right – there’s no such thing as a ‘right’ bra as every woman is different, body, mind and soul. 

Our people
Our belief is no single person in the company should stand out, we are a team, it’s the team spirit that counts. Our core team are comprised of experts in sectors including lingerie production, lingerie design, digital e-commerce and of course most importantly Asians that understand Asian women.