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Bra care tips

Hand wash all your favorite bras in 4 simple steps if you want them to be longer lasting.

Here’s the 4 simple steps

  1. Pre-wash

    Dab and rub stains with mild diluted detergent

  2. Soak

    Leave to soak for a few minutes, carefully knead and work into a lather and rinse

  3. Roll and Press

    Gently press out excessive water on a clean towel, don't wring. Roll up to absorb more moisture; reshape and lay flat to dry. Don't use dryer as heat breaks down spandex and elastic

  4. Machine Wash

    You may also choose to machine wash your bra. Fasten all closures and place your bra into a mesh laundry bag to avoid getting snagged. Select the specific program for washing delicate. Reshape and lay flat to dry.



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